Monica Salo – Super Woman – Super Mum

evan1Monica has been working out here at Healthy Life for just over a year with her partner Ashley & the two of them really lift some serious steel when in motion. They are both landscape gardeners so are used to hard yakka & bring that same earnest physical commitment to the gym. Monica turned heads while training before she was pregnant, just by virtue of the weight she squatted, bench pressed, curled & shifted in her core training, plus she executes chin ups along with the best of the guys. Aside from being a 5 day a week dedicated gym attendee Monica was & is an amateur power lifter of some repute.

The most significant fact was Monica hardly altered her regime while pregnant & remained an avid gym user through all three Trimesters with no let-up in the first or the third. Monica proved that any woman feeling positive, confident & happy with themselves, their health & comfortable that they hear, feel & know their body can workout at their preferred level of exertion throughout this natural 9 month period of their lives. As Monica replied to a considerate well-wisher asking if she was Okay when exerting herself beyond what they considered the norm for a lady in her condition ‘well of course I am fine, I am just pregnant, I am not ill’.

Monica hit the nail on the head, pregnancy is not an illness, far from it & so long as the lady feels they are working out within their capabilities & are aware of the contraindications & do not push the envelope beyond acceptable parameters then they will be A-OK. In addition that is what the personal trainers & Dr Linda Schiller are here to help you with, advice on your training, health & well-being – just ask. Any concerns or worries as to contraindications should be cleared with your general practitioner & then reconfirmed with the personal trainers or Linda Schiller for additional comfort factor if so required. The message from Monica is that working out during pregnancy is as natural as walking when pregnant. Ladies, you do not have to wrap yourselves in cotton wool or step away from your preferred physical activity so long as you continue to train with due caution while listening to your body. If anything remaining active & mobile while pregnant is a huge help to mother & baby as well as a positive influence on the actual birth day.

evan4Monica trained like a demon throughout & powered through Olympic bars dressed with 60 kilos during deep squats & a staggering 80 kilos when dead lifting up until her 38th week of pregnancy, so well into her third Trimester & a mere 2 weeks before due date. I do not advocate all mums aim for this Herculean feat, I merely mention the statistic to demonstrate the amazing capabilities of the human body, especially a pregnant mum’s. Monica tells me that she never dropped her strength & conditioning weights below 70% of her maximum single lift, that is some feat to carry out through pregnancy.

The best news & testament to Monica’s great health care program that she followed was her successful, safe & ultimately the happy birth of her & Ashley’s son called Evan. Impressively Monica was back in the gym lifting more steel, working on her core within 5 days of giving birth. Truly a remarkable achievement & someone many a pregnant & post-natal mother can aspire to when it is their turn.

Congratulations on your new family Monica & Ashley.