November 2011 Newsletter

Dear Members,

Before I go onto November’s news please consider improving your training measuring tools. Remember how vital your heart rate is in all aspects of your training; be that cardio workouts or strength based, even functional training & cross-training programs benefit from one wearing a Polar heart rate monitor & increasing or decreasing the intensity & exertion levels of each activity in accordance with the targeted training zone you wish to be exercising in.

Bringing this crucial tool to optimal training within Healthy Life I once again leave a small reminder of the Polar information below for you to browse through & would ask that you refer to October’s newsletter for a more comprehensive explanation.

Do you have a personal trainer? Are they training you in the correct ‘zone’, in a zone relevant to your goals? Is your trainer using Polar HR technology to help you? Or are they relying on your perceived rate of exertion along with their own experienced eye? If the latter I think it is time that you requested some sports science was factored into your training regime & they either leant you their own Polar Heart Rate Monitor or you bought one.

Either way $1 to $2 per minute for a Personal Trainer only to then to rely on your own perceived rate of exertion is a tad reckless, is it not? Well it is akin to driving your car in a speed restricted / camera infested area without a speedometer & hoping you don’t go under or over the speed limit based on your perceived speed & driving experience alone. Rather tricky & a great deal of guess work

Step into Training today with true training – listen to your body, react to your heart beat & achieve all your targeted training

For the first step into heart rate-based training we are encouraging you to purchase the cost-price subsidized FT1 POLAR HR individually coded chest transmitter & watch.

  • Shows heart rate on large and easy-to-read display
  • Helps improve your fitness with manual heart rate target zone
  • Displays a summary of your latest workout
  • Offers one-button functionality and coded heart rate transmission to avoid cross-talk
  • This entry level series of HR monitoring / guidance systems is subsidised & available to HLFCH members at below cost so a mere $60 a unit inclusive of GST.

I hope that you are all enjoying the new Free Motion Functional Trainers that have been set up in the cabled FT zone & those of you still learning about the MARPO Kinetics manage to get into the ultimate training zone sooner rather than later.

Remember that the more diverse the range of equipment that you use during your training programs the more likely you are to keep coming on a regular basis. Your workouts will actually be more enjoyable & engaging the more varied they are, so do try out the new equipment. Come December I will be running weekly seminars on various training techniques & how the apparatus lend themselves to different types of training & achieving very specific goals.

Have an invigorating November on all the new equipment & please do treat the equipment as though it were your own, this includes the new water fountain which has already been hammered by some strangely rough treatment. After all it is your own club, your home away from home.

I trust that you will all be in agreement with the club observing Remembrance Day on 11/11/11 & we will play the Last Post from a live recording in the Gulf back in 2003 by Her Majesty’s Blues & Royals Regiment of The Household Cavalry. In addition we will then stand in silence for one minute before a second sounding of the bugle & finally recommencing our day’s activities.

Remembering the fallen in all human conflicts is an important part of the freedom we all enjoy today here in Australia & across the world.


Train hard,