November 2016 Newsletter

November sees the club finally receive the long-awaited Hammer Strength 45-degree, Olympic Plate Loading, direct line, linear bearing Leg Press which will transform your total leg workouts when in the gym.

This world leading 45-degree Leg Press is the smoothest direct line, linear press on the market & will afford anyone strong enough to push some 750 kilograms of Olympic weight plates through a full range of motion the chance to do so.

The unit has 4 spigots & you should load left & right spigots evenly & disassemble the heavy payload evenly left to right too. If you leave a staggering hundred plus kilograms on one side or the other, then you risk the station flipping onto its side & injuring yourself or anyone in the vicinity of the unbalanced 45-degree Leg Press unit.

Remember that if you position your feet high up on the foot-plate that shifts the carriage through the full range of motion that you are targeting your glutes (butt) rather than your quads. Feet placed high on the foot-plate provides a shorter range of motion & so by definition does not facilitate a F-ROM (Full Range Of Motion).

So, nobody will be impressed when seeing someone load the 45-degree leg press with over 1,000 pounds or 500 kilograms odd, place their feet high on the foot plate & proceed to shout, groan & moan the club down while moving the carriage a mere ten to twenty centimeters in range of motion.

By doing that they are not really-lifting their perceived 500 kilograms of weight nor operating as a leg press, neither are they exercising their targeted quadriceps as they imagined. They will also be potentially injuring their knee joints for no other reason other than to look like the absolute gym-plonker of a beef-cake that they are if performing the exercise as described above.

The club trainers advocate that all members save their knees & maintain their pride by executing the 45-degree leg press correctly & safely through a full range of motion with feet at the correct angle & height for the targeted muscle groups.

The 45 degree leg press is an awesome station when used correctly & by correctly I mean, in terms of quadriceps being targeted which means your feet low on the foot-plate, F-ROM (Full Range Of Motion) with the requisite weight which in my experience over the decades of strength coaching will average circa 100 to 300 kilograms maximum for most mere mortals who are fit general athletes, while the body building hypertrophy seeking gym-junkies could well execute a 300 kilogram to 400 rep. Anyone exceeding the 400 kilogram payload would likely be a serious hypertrophy trainer or cheating themselves in their repetition execution.

Vastus Medialis, Intermedius & Lateralis along with the Rectus Femoris make up the four-headed quadriceps that can indeed be targeted & so have forces placed upon & through each & so ‘accentuated exercise’ by various foot positions & ranges of motion. The training exponents that execute such technique will be advanced & execute such variances accurately & safely. I suggest you do not mimic such moves unless you have been trained on precisely how to execute such ranges of motion & foot positioning by a personal trainer or a physio et al.

In brief, feet high on the plate targets your butt (gluteus maximus & minimus) & reduces quadricep activation whereas feet low on the plate increases quadriceps activation & targets that front quarter of your leg. Yes, both feet positions create compound movements & so each method incorporate a certain amount of hamstring (biceps-femoris, semitendinosus & semimembranosus) calf (gastrocnemius & soleus) while also engaging the hip flexors & others besides.

One can also target just the calf muscles by maintaining the safety on & locked & keeping one’s legs nearly straight (just a few degrees off locked out) then simply standing up on your tip toe (plantar flexion followed by dorsiflexion), with just the ball of your foot on the foot plate. That said, we have dedicated calf stations that will be safer & more accurate.

The dedicated 400 kilograms of Olympic weight plates can be stored on the spare rack spigots on the actual 45-degree leg press, all 20Kg plates & 25Kg plates ONLY please.

The other new station arriving in November is the Cybex VR2 (variable resistance through two plains of motion) Glute Kick – Back also known as the Glute – Blaster or Butt – Blaster. This pin-loaded / selectorized station is a wonderful addition to the targeting of everyone’s gluteal muscles & will once & for all put an end to the needless misuse of the assisted chin-dip station. One can target their glutes 100% accurately on this iso-lateral glute blasting kick-back station & will complete the range of lower body isokinetic equipment in the club.

Have a great November & enjoy the latest two new additions from Hammer Strength USA & Cybex International in your ever-changing, evolving, modernizing sports-science focused gym floor.