November 2018 Newsletter

November sees an exciting new addition to your local health club, this old war horse of a gym has finally managed to recruit a new concessionaire from the allied health care sector. We are very proud to announce the arrival of the new HICAPS accredited Remedial Massage Therapy Clinic.

The An-Mah Clinic is an all-encompassing soft tissue massage therapy clinic that accepts every single health insurance program’s policy. The An-Mah Clinic team ensure you receive the maximum allowable rebate via their electronic HICAPS program for each & every accredited treatment that you select.

Head therapist & RMT Mrs. Isla Shin & her expert team are on hand 6 days a week to treat your aching joints, hard worked muscles, any pains or injuries.

An-Mah means “massage” in Korean. Receiving a good quality of massage helps everyone to de-stress & maintain optimal health, from good sleep patterns, through to improved limb movement, joint mobility, reducing frequency of headaches to improving all round flexibility, etc.  As a qualified massage therapist team here in Australia the therapists aim to help you identify & achieve your individual needs in terms of therapeutic feel-good-factor.

The most popular & booked therapy is of course Remedial Massage treatments. A systematic assessment & treatment of the muscles, tendons, ligaments & connective tissues of the body. An-Mah remedial massage helps to relieve chronic pain, improve posture, increase mobility & range of motion as well as enhance the well-being of the client by using various massage techniques along with relevant stretching methods.

Deep Tissue Massage is another popular choice as it helps to reduce muscle stiffness, chronic aches & pain while also improving your movement by releasing the deeper layers of muscles & fascia (connective tissues) with firm pressure.

Relaxation massage is on the table too. Relaxation massage ensures the improvement of blood & lymph circulation while helping in the reduction of stress by relaxing your superior muscles using gentle techniques such as effleurage, kneading, etc.

Reflexology is also available, this of course a massage treatment that involves stimulating reflex points on the foot. Each of these corresponds with an organ or part of your body & our well trained Reflexologists use their wooden dowels & fingers to hit the right spot every time.

Seated Massage Chair therapy is another option, as proven in many studies a seated massage helps to reduce stress, anxiety & depression as well as improve cognitive function & general well-being.

Lastly, we specialise in pregnancy massage. During pregnancy a woman is likely to experience many changes which may cause pain & discomfort. Massage can provide you benefits during pregnancy by:

– Reducing muscular discomfort such as hip, lower back pain as well as leg cramps.

– Improving general blood circulation

– Increasing relaxation of nervous tension which can cause anxiety or depression

– Improving sleeping pattern

– Reducing headaches, oedema

As trained by PREGNANCY®MASSAGE AUSTRALIA our qualified massage therapists will provide a quality of treatment for mothers & babies. However, pregnancy massage may not be suitable for every case. Thus, we require a check-up each time you visit, including an initial consultation prior to any massage.

Booking is essential for pregnancy & remedial massage treatments, please contact on (08) 9474-3991.

Isla Shin & team are a welcome addition to the club team.