November 2019 Newsletter

Hello again members,

Post the successful Les Mills launches of mid-October & the spooky Halloween workouts of 31st October that put the ‘boo back in booty’ the club rolls on into a busy November. The final month of earnest mega-workouts before the majority of members partake in the excess of the silly season that is Christmas.

On that festive celebration, please make a note in your diaries that the club member’s Christmas party is on Saturday 14th December 2019 at the now all too popular Whitford Brewery Company (WBC) here in our very own mall. The WBC have done us proud over the last few years & served us well at our Xmas functions.

I hear you ask, but why WBC again? Well, another reason we remain loyal to the very local & wonderfully hospitable WBC is that from the 7 establishments the club formally contacted asking for quotes & availability to host our member’s Christmas party only the WBC bothered to reply!

That is right folks, from 7, just the WBC were interested & courteous enough to bother to reply while 1 other establishment finally replied after my 3rd e-mail, two phone calls & a few text messages. Their quote was a laughable minimum spend of $12,000 for the night for us to be hosted with them. Seems some establishments still imagine this nation is in the grip of a mining & resources boom!

Seems to us that our loyalty to the WBC has been more than earned by the WBC & so we will indeed party in the great company of the Whitford Brewery Company again this year.

Your firm bookings must be received & paid for by the 30th of November 2019. The usual outstanding food platters & 2 house drinks will all be served up for $45 per person on the night. Please book & pay at reception at your earliest convenience. Strictly limited to 80 guests.

On Friday 29th November many of the club’s fitness professionals will renew their full first aid & CPR qualifications here in the club. Any members wishing to take advantage of the great teaching & discounted courses delivered by Frances of WA First Aid are most welcome to join in with the fitness professionals on the same course. Just $40 for the CPR component only or$100 for the entire First Aid course.

November sees the continuation of the spring season’s GX classes, plenty of variety as usual, the odd new GFI as well as PT & new Strength & Conditioning Coach In Jakub. More on Jakub in December as well as on the club FB / IG & intranet.

Some of you parents will have noticed the kids crèche area is only open Tuesdays, Wednesday, Thursday & Saturdays for now. Sadly this has occurred due to a lack of demand on most days but in particular on Mondays & Fridays when the girls have found no kids visiting us at all.

Until we relocate into the all new singing & dancing club in 2020, the crèche service will remain a reduced service. But once in our new facility (more exciting news about that later in this newsletter) the crèche will be a 7 day a week all day operation & likely an early evening service too.

You may have noticed the absence of Sury Digby our lovely Body Balance, TABATA, multi skilled freestyle GFI, club PT & of course member care advisor in October. This absence just after she joined the full time team. The reason for her absence is that she has had a medical emergency which she is slowly recovering from. Sury will be back on the member services team in November but unlikely to be delivering her usual caring & invigorating classes until December at the very earliest.

Talking of December, with the best of luck & optimal planning going according to the scheduled course this will be Healthy Life Fitness Centre’s 40th & final Christmas in this original Shop 63 unit here in the mall. From its foundation year in 1979 back in the 20th Century through four decades to the 21st Century’s Christmas of 2019 these solid stone walls have loyally served all who have worked out, trained & in the early days squashed here.

We still have at least a dozen or so of the squash club’s founding members including one of the stonemasons who built this club stone by stone by stone, brick by brick concrete slab by concrete slab. None other than Patrick ‘Leatherneck’ Riley. A former US Marine (hooya), with requisite Marine (Rtd) handlebar moustache. Patrick still treads these old floors lifting steel, pumping iron & advising on the numerous idiosyncrasies of the creaking old building.

So from this trusty old war horse of a squash club’s humble beginnings through a number of entities, what was Whitford City Squash Club evolved through World of Fitness, Kicks Fitness onto Healthy Life Fitness Centre through some 5 previous proprietors, 2 of whom had sought to relocate this great institution.

Finally after a decade under the present proprietorship it looks like we have at last successfully negotiated the long awaited & highly desirable relocation into an all new bling health club, inside the main mall. We expect the grand opening to be mid 2020 & the new ultra modern state of the art facility will be even larger than our present gym. Something for us all to look forward to & details of which will be forthcoming as 2020 unfolds.

All to say enjoy your last Christmas season in this wonderful old building because really & truly, despite all the false starts of yesteryear this genuinely ought to be our final festive run at Shop 63.

Catch you in November,