October 2013 Newsletter

Coming out of winter many members still have a general apathy towards hitting the gym & a propensity to have what is often known as a winter hangover of fatigue, indifference. Or plain & simple a general malaise & almost seem caught in a rut of staying indoors at home.  We can help you beat that feeling of endless tiredness & you can kick the overwhelming sluggish feeling by simply getting yourself into the gym as often as possible.

Fatigue is a very common complaint amongst much of the population across all ages; it is one of the top reasons people don’t exercise or even join a gym at all. Fatigue is a feeling of weariness and grogginess which is often accompanied by a lack of productivity & apathy.

Although it’s easy to assume that exercise makes you tired & thus causes fatigue, the reverse is actually true. The Mayo Clinic in the USA states that a lack of exercise is one of the premier causes of fatigue, along with a lack of sleep. In addition, fatigue can be caused by stress, anxiety, medication, poor nutrition, dehydration & in rare cases, it may be a sign of a more serious conditions.

As Healthy Life members we encourage you to train regularly, even if only for a minimal 20 minutes of cardiovascular training or even a mind & body GX session & indeed if you cannot make it more often even once a week is better than nothing at all.

Ideally a minimum of 3 visits a week to Healthy Life is what you want to achieve & more is even better.  The benefits of exercise in preventing fatigue & in helping you to feel better & be more productive at work, at home & in general are proven – this reminder just in case you need yet another reason to hit the gym.

If you are feeling exhausted & leg weary when you get home, try to snap yourself out of it by getting straight back out the door to the gym. You will struggle I know, but once you actually get into the gym & commence your chosen exercise your body will respond positively & rapidly.

Because of the hectic lifestyles that we live, many individuals claim that they are too tired to exercise. However, given recent research at various world-wide Universities, this excuse is wearing thin. Over the years many studies have found that sedentary individuals who begin a regular exercise routine experience an increase in energy levels. Researchers have compiled numerous studies & found that exercise can help boost energy & fight fatigue, even among individuals suffering from chronic diseases, such as cancer & heart disease.

A new study has found that sedentary individuals can significantly decrease their fatigue symptoms by increasing levels of physical activity. In many studies, individuals who reported persistent fatigue were divided into three groups:

20 minutes of moderate intensity exercise 3 times per week, 20 minutes of low intensity exercise 3 times per week & a control group that did not exercise at all.

After six weeks, both exercise groups reported an increase in energy levels, however the group performing general exercise reported a lower percentage increase in energy levels while those exercising at a low intensity reported a far higher percentage increase in energy.

This points to the fact that perhaps if you joined a gentle GX class be that a mind & body program or even an ABT you would benefit immeasurably. This ilk of class mixed up with low intensity cardiovascular work & / or basic strength & conditioning would help energize you beyond recognition.

Research published in the Journal of the American Medical Association supports the claim that exercise improves sleep quality, duration & decreases general malaise & fatigue. There is irrefutable evidence now that general exercise on a daily or regular basis at least improves energy levels throughout one’s day & ensures a more comfortable, restful & deeper night’s sleep.

If unsure how to commence your re-energizing program chat to any of the Healthy Life staff members, see a personal trainer or ask one of our friendly group fitness instructors.

Have a great October as spring starts to warm you up.