Rich Barton

Born in 1978, in NZ where his birth mother’s personal circumstances forced her to put Rich up for adoption. It was a long lonely two & a half years before Rich was finally found a family to live with & his new foster family took him in. Rich gained an instant family & much needed stability, he found himself one of four children as he gained three sisters whom he happily lived with until departing for West Australia in 1996.

Ironically although born in NZ Rich ended up being placed with a foster family in what transpired to be his biological mother’s own home town, in his old south island town. His childhood turned into a happy one filled with outdoor activities & sports such as rugby, fishing, hunting & the like which led Rich to join the army cadets aged 13 & at 15 he joined the fire services as a volunteer fire fighter.

Later, Rich discovered he was 1 of 9 siblings & only managed to track his biological mother down in 1999, sadly just after she had passed on. Rich learned that his biological brothers & sisters had all experienced abusive, traumatic lives with drug abuse, difficult times & resulting in one brother committing suicide & another having been murdered. These events made Rich even more determined to lead his new life in Australia with even more good spirit & in a wholesome, well-intentioned, significant manner.

Rich flew into Perth WA from New Zealand specifically to get a job up on the mines driving mammoth trucks from 85 ton to 400 ton in capacity. He achieved his goal almost instantly.

Primarily Rich puts his huge weight gain down to childhood issues from his first two & a half years & having been given up for adoption. But earning big money in the mining & resources industry in WA led him to the wilder party scene & into soft drugs, alcohol, food fests & general over-indulgence for 12 – 13 years.

Rich blew up to 120 plus kilos & then lost & dropped back to the low 90 kilo mark on a few occasions before falling back into bad ways that saw him spike to 125 odd kilos 18 months ago.

Rich first joined Healthy Life in 2007 & trained by himself for the most part, he was too shy & inhibited to ask for help, so he says. Rich remarked that the fact that Healthy Life staff & members were all so friendly made him feel good about being in the club & enabled him to continue feeling OK about training, even in his massively overweight state.

Rich really appreciates the ongoing feed back & positive comments from members & staff alike, he gives examples of trainers like Denise & Chris to the reception team & helpful members like Claire who all inspired him. He also really appreciates the super friendly atmosphere in the gym & that everyone here is equal & a positive atmosphere prevails.

Everyone has a trigger to set them on a new course in life, Rich had his when weighing in at a work medical. He tipped the scales at 125 kilos & the medic advised that the seat of the vehicle he was driving was stressed to a maximum of 120 kilos. She passed Rich but on the understanding Rich promised to do something about his overall health & lost at least 5 kilos by his next medical.

Rich took a good hard look at himself & decided he was going to lose the weight & change his life. Rich’s first target was to lose 10 kilos by himself & he felt too ashamed to seek a Personal Trainer for help & decided to take the initial steps himself. He managed to drop from 125 kilos to 115 kilos on his own.

He scoped the gym for Personal Trainers (PT’s) who he felt would not be too hard on him & who may treat him gently & nicely. Rich picked the wrong PT, he chose Ms. Kerrie Smith one of Healthy Life’s hardest task masters, a great trainer but no prisoners taken as Rich found out.

Kerrie said she’d do him a nutritional program & training program for free & if she didn’t see any results within a month then she said Rich would wish he had never met her. Rich says she altered his diet wholesale even removing his favourite avocado fruit.

The nutritional program & training program in-hand he went away to Cape Preston with work & while following both programs Rich lost another 10 kilos in 6 weeks; 115 down to 105 kilos & came back into Healthy Life where nobody recognized him!  Rich laughs as he tells me that Kerrie is the only woman he has ever listened to in his whole life & she was well worth listening to.

That initial meeting with Kerrie turned his life around which has begun a new journey beyond basic health & well-being to athletic levels of personal fitness which has now seen Rich lose just over 38 kilos in a period of 15 months. Rich’s waist measurement has dropped 14 inches (31 cm) from 50” to 36”. His body fat has also dropped dramatically, & were it not for putting on muscle Rich’s weight loss on the scales would be even greater than the 38 kilos.

Rich has maintained this new lower weight & trimmer shape for 6 months plus. Rich now trains with a new Personal Trainer at healthy Life, one Chris Smith & uses his sessions in blocks of 6 to achieve his ever improving goals. Rich says he uses his time with Chris Smith to improve existing & learn new techniques for best results & Rich says that he seeks all the tips from Chris that he can then uses them himself when training solo.

Rich’s reward for ongoing success in his new healthy life is to buy himself blocks of 6 sessions with Chris on a regular basis, this also allows him to kick box, box, do bag work & other alternative sessions with his Chris while he makes up his own out door training program when at home; everything from stair climbing to beach running & all manner of free body exercises.

Rich’s new target is to refine his shape & form as he manages to concentrate on the aesthetics of his now much reduced body mass & medically rescued, healthy / revitalized body. So with his heart, circulatory & cardio pulmonary system all ticked & sorted he can now afford to take a closer look at the vanity side of training – a new luxury for Rich.

Rich’s personal motto is his own 3 P’s to training – Positive Thoughts, Positive Methods & Positive Results. Now applying that to his workplace & he is gaining great success in all quarters of his life.