Sam Smoothy Free Ride Tour Extreme Ski Champion

Sam Smoothy was destined to fame from birth, just his name leant itself to stardom so it seem that perhaps he had a pathway opened for him upon his christening. Smooth by name, smooth by nature & smooth by skill.

Sam is a 26 year old skier from Cromwell, New Zealand & has dared his way onto one of the world’s most extreme skiing tours known as Free Ride Tour series for the brave & the fearless with skills & balance to match. Sam has been on the tour for just 2 years as a pro & finished an astounding 4th overall in 2012 having led the championship for much of the season.

Had Sam not crashed out of the final event in Verbier in 2012 he’d have meddled & a top 4 finish would have guaranteed him the gold & so outright tour victory.

Sam was the winner of the 2012 Freeride de Chamonix event & the first ever male skier to podium in 3 consecutive Freeride World Tour events, quite some feat. Sam has a tremendous future ahead of him & is in the sights of Red Bull Extreme Ski Team scouts, so watch out for his amazing snow tricks on a big screen near you, coming soon.

Sam came across Healthy Life when he decided to spend his inter-season here in Perth WA while landscaping to earn some extra money between championship seasons. The gym just happened to be around the corner from where he ended up staying.

He tried the place out, loved the functional training options, enjoyed the diversity of the resistance equipment & the rest is history. He continues to build his immensely powerful quads here on the Freemotion & Cybex while increasing his agility, balance & explosiveness in the functional training zone. With his legs increasingly hewn from granite under the guidance of Chris Smith & other helpful PT’s Sam plans a second inter-season here in the club.

In Sam’s own words ‘It is a friendly gym with great equipment, so I jumped in with both feet and have been suffering ever since. Basically with my programme I am trying to add as much power, strength and stability into my legs and core to improve my skiing without adding any weight. Landing giant cliff jumps is obviously a gravity assisted exercise and I’m already big for a pro skier.

A little bit of robustness training from work and gym helps me to take the inevitable nasty crashes with greater ease.’ 

If you are a budding skier & want Sam’s perspective on anything mountain or snow focused he trains late afternoons & is hard to miss in his bright pin-striped shorts, glow white trainers & shock of blond hair.

Sam it is an honour having you here for the inter-season, enjoy the club & good luck this coming European winter.