Sasha & Vesna Spasevski


Sasha & Vesna Spasevski are quite literally the ‘perfect-body-couple’ here at Healthy Life. There are a few other couples here in the club that fit this grand title too, in fact quite a few but Sasha & Vesna stepped up into the bright lights & placed their bodies under the scrutinizing eyes of some of Australia’s elite body building, sculpting & figure judges.

Both were body sculpting, shaping, building virgins & yet both managed to medal in their first ever competitions on stage & Vesna in every competition she has entered since! This is no small feat as typically most competitors take years to develop the physiques, confidence, style & reputations to medal in such shows.

Sasha & Vesna first got the idea from our own Irish Bombshell competitor & figure body transforming coach Seaneen Copeland of ‘’ who had started coaching a few female bikini competitors & male body builders when she arrived in Australia in 2013. Seaneen inspired Vesna & Sasha to have a go themselves after a few fitness conversations & finally when the couple bit the bullet & decided to go for it the two of them went hammer & tongs to achieve their objectives. Aside from Seaneen getting Vesna into the weights & resistance area the rest was self-attained by the turbo-duo of Sasha & Vesna.

Sasha’s own knowledge as a former personal trainer undoubtedly helped the pair of them train correctly & optimally. They hit the gym twice a day & ate copious amounts of clean, lean, healthy, ocean fresh fish from their own fishmongers / luxury fish shop called Splash Fish House in Careen North Perth. Between Splash Fish House’s own naturally sourced fresh ocean delights & their own dedicated twice-daily work out regimes here at Healthy Life Fitness Centre with the odd guiding word from Seaneen & I am sure tips & hints for Sasha from Derrin & Renat the turbo couple literally morphed into body-perfect physiques over a 6 month period. They sculpted down to lean, mean, fighting machine forms & managed to hold their physiques until that first show day on stage at the March 2014 IFBB OMARA show here in Perth.

Sasha was in the Under 168cm Men’s Classic Division & managed to earn himself a gold medal 1st place in his category while simultaneously scoring himself a bronze 3rd overall across all classes which is an incredible achievement for any competitor, never mind someone in their first ever competition. Vesna entered the same show & managed a very admirable bronze medal in her first ever event in her nominated division of the highly regarded ‘Masters’ bikini class. Vesna really caught the bug & decided to carry on & go for the Masters class at the WFBB Sydney Diva Fitness Model competition in April 2014 where once again she medalled in her Master’s class & division as a Diva Fitness Model winning herself an incredible 2nd Place Silver Medal.

Still seeking her targeted Gold Medal & 1st Place Vesna went onto compete in the Ladies Masters in May of 2014 at the INBA Fitness Model competition where Vesna finally attained her goal of a Gold / 1st Place in her category, class & division. So Vesna has the incredible record of podium finishes in all her 4 competitions that she has ever entered. Vesna has now entered this coming weekend’s INBA show in Perth WA in her chosen Ladies Masters class & after that both Vesna & Sasha are entering the WBFF show in April 2015 over in Queensland followed by the world’s which will be held in Las Vegas, USA in August 2015.

Vesna & Sasha are quite the example for us mere mortals to aspire to as we workout in our own way here at Healthy Life. Sasha & Vesna’s own body transformations from good, healthy, fit individuals into victorious super-star podium finishers in their classes is a marvellous achievement & great testimony to their dedication to healthy nutrition combined with hard yards in the gym. Congratulations Mr & Mrs Body-Perfect Couple of 2014.