September 2012 Newsletter

Dear Members,

The new Nautilus Freedom Trainer arrived & with its 3.4 meter arm span is wide enough even for the 6 foot 10 inch Seva Martin to train himself on with wide armed chest fly & dual wide chest press.

Good to see so many of you on the Freedom Trainer & the associated Free Motion Dual Cables & other Ground Zero cabled units, well done. These units have excellent biomechanics & ensure that your natural strength curve is followed with less chance of aggravating any joints or creating tracking issues as you work out.

Impressed & happy to see so many of the big serious weightlifters also migrating to the cabled units & the Cybex VR2, looks like people are finally seeing the light. The message is hitting home that VR2 Cybex hits the muscle groups they target accurately & through a more complete range of motion & fire up more muscle fibres as you work through the two plains of motion on converging strength curves.

Gentlemen, remember when placing your dumbbells down from Pec-Fly or Dumbbell Press, don’t drop them through the floor or bounce them onto the floor as that is dangerous to your shoulder & elbow joint through the final 15 degrees of motion. Such action is also likely to cause injury to some innocent person next to you.

In line with ACSM technique please rock forward slowly & as the dumbbells rest vertically on your lower thighs while being held the weight shift will carry you to an upright seated position where you can then safely lower the pair of dumbbells to the floor in a controlled manner. Thank you!

Last word on technique for the month of September, please do all remember never to reverse-pedal / back-pedal on the Spin Cycles or the Life Fitness Bikes as the movement is a highly contraindicative exercise & very dangerous for knees & ankles while being responsible for some rather painful long term repetitive stress / tracking injuries. If in doubt ask me for an article by Indoor Cycling Association of professional instructors & some very poignant observations made by the ACSM & IDEA.

In summary, there is absolutely zero benefit in reverse peddling action on any bike despite any myth of yesteryear. All that you gain from such a dangerous activity is a higher probability of severe injury to yourself, almost guaranteed in fact.

Mason Campbell is available for reprogramming in September. Mason is a final year Sports Science degree graduate & well versed in exercise physiology. Should you wish to be trained by Mason just let me know or reception & between us we will book you in with Mason.

Bec Charlwood your occasional prancing dance instructor is also on the Gym Instructor team & can be booked in with via reception. The usual PT’s are on hand for private training so gravitate towards them with your questions if you have any.

Hopefully you all notice the new look lighting system in the indoor cycle zone with all new ceiling & stage lights, the newly replaced reception LED lights along with the once again mood lit abdominal & stretch zone. All for a softer look to the club, we hope.

Seva kindly updated the i-tune music system for you all & between him & Jackson they have added some 2,000 odd new music tracks that hopefully you will all be able to enjoy & so appreciate the increased variety of audio in the club.

Finally our new-look club towels have arrived & are available to purchase from reception. Please remember that a workout towel is essential for everyone training & must be placed on the piece of equipment when you are using it.

So if you are presently training without a gym-towel in-hand then make sure you bring one next visit or if you fancy a treat then purchase a smart new club logo towel from reception.

I won’t see much of you all in September as I depart with work for a 24 day rotation. Doubtless see you all when I return & I wish you an ever warmer September in my absence.

Train hard, train true & keep it honest,