September 2017 Newsletter

September 2017 sees Skin Addiction by Wendy Marshall picking up pace as more of you start to discover her tranquil treatment room with all her lotions, potions & therapies. Remember if you wish to book in for any of the beautifying treatments just contact Wendy directly on 0429 194 043 or e mail her on

The range of treatments she offers include Omnilux, Dermasweep, Dermapen, Peels, Luxury facials, Teen Clean, Relaxation Massages, Waxing, Tinting etc. Also, gift vouchers are available from Wendy & info’ flyers are on reception.

We do not have a new physio in-house yet so for the foreseeable future we will continue to work closely with Ben at Move Forward Physiotherapy & we can refer you across to the excellent Renee Fish in the Whitford City mall. If or when this situation changes we will let you all know.

As spring approaches you may wish to bring in family & friends, please remember that free 1 day or 3 day trials are always available from the girls in the membership consulting office. Just pop in & chat to Layla, Lara, Rinna or Vanessa & they will assist you as best they can.

This quarter’s Les Mills releases are all soft launches in each & every stream. That is the system whereby all the GFI’s will be instructing the latest soundtrack & choreography releases by the 15th of September 2017 at the very latest.

We hope that you enjoy the new releases & get ready for the Mega Launch of the next quarterlies in December 2017.

In the same vein Body Jungle’s KONGA will have a mega party launch at the end of October. This will mean that on October 21st 2017 the club will host a MEGA 1 YEAR KONGA PARTY from 0930am to 1100 am during a 90 minute festival of fun.

Hala will have her electric-lighting-dancing shoes on & all the razzmatazz that KONGA demands. The club will host a maximum of 80 spaces in the GX Zone which will be FREE for members but $7.50 for non-members. Tickets will be pre-sold & only if there are spaces left will anyone be permitted casual entry on the day.

Obviously, this means that there will not be an 0930am Body Pump on Saturday 21st October 2017 as it will be a double KONGA Party so to speak. Details of Hala’s KONGA Party will follow over the month of September.

Queens Birthday on 25th September (WA celebration of her majesty’s day) will see the bubbly Charlie lead out the peloton for an 0830am RPM in the cycle zone, Hala dynamically instruct the 0930am Body Pump & Sandy deliver the calming & relaxing Yoga at 1030am.

This year we will OPEN the creche which will be run by Taitum Green so those of you with children & nobody to help at home, bring your kids on into the club between 0830am – 1130am where Tait will caringly look after them.

You may have noticed the smooth-running Life Fitness equipment & new lighting in the GX & Cycle Zones?

If so that is all thanks to Doug Henderson on the electrical side of things & Gym Care Australia in the cardio theater post their full-house service of all cardio equipment. Thanks too to Jason Williams for all the decorating & making good works in & around the club’s therapy rooms.

Enjoy the start of Spring 2017,