September 2020 Newsletter

Spring has officially sprung & WA has made it through the depths of winter relatively unscathed from that ‘restrictive issue’ that hangs over the globe. Hopefully, it should be increasingly easier to map our pathway back to normality, at least in the world of fitness anyway.

The WA road map’s phase 5 has been indefinitely placed on hold, though we know it is penciled in for November 2020. However, practically speaking it doesn’t make that much difference here inside your gym as we have socially spaced essential equipment out to afford safe & clear access to most of your cardiovascular equipment. Only the Cycle Zone is really impeded in anyway with half your spin bikes marked off as out of use, but that zone still accommodates the majority wishing to ride.

The new layout for the addition of your new Life Fitness upright bike & the new Elliptical Cross Trainers means virtually all the apparatus is now at your disposal. On September 2nd 2020, Gym Care WA who are the only Life Fitness agent here in the west carried out a full service of all the cardiovascular equipment & ironed out any glitches, telemetry issues, squeaks or misalignments.

Great to see that you are all keeping up your mindfulness when working out & responsibly maintaining your requested social distancing. We really appreciate & acknowledge your courteous use of cleaning materials including our potent anti-viral sprays & anti-bacterial liquids along with the medical grade hand sanitizers.

Please always remember to use a large workout towel on each piece of equipment, place it between yourself & the station you are always exercising on. Lastly, please remember never to drink from the club’s water fountain faucet. Use your own water bottle without placing the bottle’s top over the faucet. Thank you.

Les Mills new streams will launch in the third week of September, just keep an eye out for the social media postings on what streams launch when & with who. John Duncalf’s Thursday 0915am Cycle-Box has become an Express Cycle 30 now. So from 0915am to 0945am there is pure, express, intense cycling with JD, this half hour class is available on a trial basis until the end of September.

Thea’s Thursday morning 0600am Yoga will commence on 1st October 2020, please support it as many of you have requested that Yoga to return & we will give the slot a shot & if it maintains 12+ regularly we will retain the Thursday 0600am Yoga with Thea.

Friday 0915am Functional / HIIT class has returned to a full hour of high energy HIIT to get you all high on endorphins as you sweat out the interval session with Georgina.

The gradual transition of all loyal & enthusiastic members onto our access all hours membership is progressing well. We thank you for joining the new system of 24/7/365 membership to ensure you all have safe, unfettered access & egress at any time of the night or day, staffed or unstaffed into the future.

Lastly, please remember to always update the club front desk team with your latest e-mail & mobile number so that should we need to contact you again in the event of another government mandated lockout we can do so more easily & successfully en-mass. Hoping that does not reoccur but best to be prepared just in case.

Have a great first month of Spring.