Beck Schmidt

My name is Beck and I am a qualified Body Step instructor, I am also trained in RPM, but not yet qualified. I am absolutely passionate about body step and I love the cardio and strength workout that this program has to o!er, body step now has two formats, the classic and the athletic.

I am very keen to get the guys involved in this program as it’s not just all about the &u! anymore, and the guys that do step (athletic version) do come back as you get the full on cardio plus the added weight plate work. I have been instructing in Perth now for almost a year and before that in the Pilbara for 3 years as well as being a gymnastics coach.

I love fitness and my number one reason for getting involved within the fitness industry was to be+er myself and beat PND. I live by the mo+o go hard or go home as you only live once. I hope to meet you all soon and I hope those that are scep#cal will try my classes. Beck x