Faye Perryman

My fitness journey started as a young child with dancing, swimming, athletics and performing arts. I rarely sat still! (Even then i’d still be singing!) As a teenager I battled weight gain even though I was still active with dance, aerobics and theatre. With an unhealthy lifestyle and attitude I then suffered extreme weightloss which affected my health. A bit more yoyo dieting and I had lost my way. Things needed to change. I moved to Australia from the UK in 2008 and after having my second child I decided I needed to take control of my health and career. Not just for me but also my family. I needed to be a better role model.  I joined a gym and through sheer grit and determination I sweated my way back to a fit and healthy mum. With this new found energy and inspiration I had a desire to help others get back on track and develop my knowledge.

I studied and gained my certificates in Fitness Instruction and Personal Training. I believe fitness is for anyone and everyone no matter your age, gender or ability. Your health is the most important thing you have. I love my job and sharing my passion. I teach ShBam, Body Pump and freestyle classes. Come and join me for Thursday morning fun in ShBam, where anything goes and everything is encouraged!!