Gareth Green

Gareth Green AKA ‘The Green Machine’ is an easy-going surfer when on the Indian Ocean but an extreme, dynamic, hard-yard out door, off-road cyclist when training outside on his bikes.

Gareth has brought his athletic prowess & fitness expertise indoors to our Group Fitness Zone & Cycle Zone. Gareth has joined our GFI team as a Body Pump & RPM Cycle instructor to lead you all in vibrant, interactive group fitness training sessions.

Gareth hits the strength & conditioning side of the gym regularly to keep himself in prime condition while delivering half a dozen or so classes a week with Healthy Life & other clubs in the Perth area. His mainline job remains in banking IT where he is a senior manager for one of the big 5 banks in Australia.

Try one of his BP’s or RPM’s where his 6 foot 3” chiselled frame commands the presence in any workout zone, though his warm & friendly smile will immediately put you at ease as you follow his expert instruction through one of his gruelling his 60 minute fitness sessions.