Sarita Keppiläe

Yoga Instructor

Sarita Keppiläe is a Yoga mind & body instructor from Finland by way of NSW Australia. Sarita delivers a range of holistic Yoga streams with elegance, grace, calmness & mindfullness. Sarita is a compassionate teacher who delivers her classes with care, she gives her students time to truly understand & really take in what she is sharing.

Sarita’s main style of Yoga is Vinyasa and she loves strong slow flow where her students can dive deeper into their own practice. She is passionate about movement & physiology.  She loves the challenge & so likes her classes to be a little challenging, creative & builds layer by layer. She is both confident & humble, her focus is to make her students feel comfortable & at one when participating in her Yoga sessions.

In her own words, Sarita has “bubbly energy”. Please join Sarita in Friday morning’s 1130am Vinyassa Yoga class every Friday at Healthy Life Fitness Centre.