Thea Rebecca Wiggins

Yoga has provided the space for myself and others to feel nurtured, to heal, to connect and feel our strengths. I have always loved spending time in nature. The still moments of reflection provided the space for me to connect with something deeper and to recharge. I have been practising yoga daily for 12 years and have been teaching yoga for over 3 years.
When I became even more passionate about my yoga journey, I enrolled in Yoga Teacher Training with the Wisdom Yoga Institute and followed this through with a life coaching course at the Coaching Institute in August 2017. On this journey I met many like-minded people, my confidence grew, and doors opened to new ways of thinking and being. I had a thirst to explore as much as possible about the human mind, ancient wisdom from the yogic texts and modern personal development based on this ancient wisdom.
My approach to teaching others is to create a safe and nurturing space where students feel connected with themselves and each other. It is important that I empower students to discover all that is possible for them both on and off the mat. I like to bring fun and creativity into my classes, and encourage students to be curious and explore the possibilities of the mind and body connection. A core value for me as an instructor is to ensure students listen to the wisdom of their own bodies so that the level is right for the individual person.
I love to teach a mindful beginners class including meditation, yin and Kundalini influences. I also love to teach a slow or faster flowing vinyasa style with options for all levels.
My personal practice includes Ashtanga, Kundalini, vinyasa flow, fun inversions and arm balances, meditation, yin and yoga nidra.
I’ll leave you with a favourite quote: “The source of all abundance is not outside you. It is part of who you are”. By Ekhart Tolle
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