Wendy Dickinson

Reception Membership Consultant

I emigrated to Perth twenty years ago where gratitude for our beautiful State can easily be overlooked. Growing up in Asia, I used to go for long walks with my father which provided an escape away from the over-crowdedness and pollution. This helped to instil in me a holistic approach to health which I continue to put into daily practice.

Implementing good nutrition and an active lifestyle didn’t always complement my years working full-time in hospitality… until a few years ago when I joined HLFC as a member. Not only did it reignite my passion for health and fitness, but it has given me the opportunity to push new boundaries and explore new challenges such as group and resistance training.

I recently joined the HLFC front office team on a part-time basis. This combines two of my passions; providing great customer service and working in the health industry.

Outside of the club, my interests include Qi Gong, reformer Pilates, walking and Classical music. I look forward to welcoming you to HLFC on your next visit and assisting you with your queries.