Tjaarda Wild-Allison


Tjaarda Wild-Allison is a genuinely inspirational member here in Healthy Life, both physically & intellectually. I dare say that few have combined such a sharp & astute mind with quite the elite level of physical ability honed into a Greco-Roman gladiatorial physique.

All this achieved in conjunction with a high level of sporting ability & a certain prowess that he holds himself with as he quietly goes about his workouts in the gym. If that were not good enough the young chap also possesses a level of humility that belies his capabilities.

Tjaarda weighs in at 85 kilograms of ripped muscle standing six foot one inches tall & uses both to compete at a number of sports with his most recently targeted goal being a power lifting competition that he is in training for.

Originating from South Africa & having lived with his parents in the Middle East he played rugby union & was an avid wake boarder throughout his school years. When starting university Tjaarda based himself here in Australia & his first time to hit a gym was as recently as 2007. He only really got into gym workouts when deciding to have ago at being a power lifter in 2009 & has not looked back since.

Initially Tjaarda followed a series of typical bodybuilding split routines before switching to powerlifting techniques & training. Then he took the best aspects of each sport & combined the two making up his own hybrid version of routines, clearly with great success.

He focuses on core strength for his main compound movements before zeroing in on hypertrophy training to sculpt & cut. Having somewhat over-trained on a 6 – 7 day a week schedule, Tjaarda cut back to 4 sessions a week when on heavy lifting or 5 when on lighter resistance & so he gives his elbows, shoulders & hamstrings good recovery time between sessions.

Tjaarda completed his first degree in finance before electing to study to become a personal trainer & after a year of that & gaining his Cert 3 & Cert 4 he then commenced his journey to become a physiotherapist. He is in his final year of physiotherapy which is a major accomplishment in itself.

So whether it is training tips, injuries or biomechanics you have a question about, it seems that Tjaarda has all bases & topics covered for you. Congratulations Tjaarda, quite some achievement for only 26 years old.